We aim to break the myth that finance is complicated, and aim to make it uncomplicated. We want to help and guide you in shaping your career.

How does it work?

FinShiksha runs programs in self paced online format, with a clear focus on application of concepts with real life examples. In short, we start where textbooks leave us.

Why FinShiksha?

At FinShiksha, we are not just trainers. We guide candidates through their careers, enabling them to make informed career choices

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Our Courses


Had enrolled for Equity Valuation course with FinShiksha. The course content takes real life examples of companies and real data to explain various concepts. The content and structure helped in HSBC IB Competition and helped my final interview with one of the major Investment Bank.

Kunal Kumta, NMIMS Mumbai, 2016-2018

Kunal Kumta
The course content directly takes real life examples of companies and real data to explain various concepts. This is even more so in the course of 'Applied Financial Statement Analysis'.       The course provided a platform to submit a project on analysis of 'Reliance Industries Limited'. The course created a sound foundation to analyse the company. This project has been a brownie point for me in my summer interview as well as during PPI.

Parag Kulkarni, SCMHRD, 2017-2019

Parag Kulkarni
Doing this course helped me in the selection interview for the CFA Research Challenge college team. It was a pleasure to watch the videos and they were very interesting and engaging so there was no question of any distractions. The learning in college was much more theory oriented, for example I didn't get a rigorous experience in financial excel modelling in my college subjects. The course was much more practically oriented.

Ashutosh Dasare, XIMB, 2016-2018

Ashutosh Dasare
“ I would really like to thank FinShiksha for helping me throughout the process. The Team’s guidance and Finshiksha's course material helped me to get this internship opportunity at PPFAS AMC.”

Harshit Bohra

Student, KJSIMR 2017-2019
Harshit Bohra
“ Course has a high resume value. I am confident on speaking well in the finance interviews. The logical explanations I learned here, I have even applied them in my regular classroom assignments. Overall, I am positive about making a career in finance or atleast be able to confidently show my knowledge in the interviews. ”

Arpit Garg

Student, XIMB 2016-2018
Arpit Garg
“ Practical theory, real time information. And, superbly great concept. A great experience. Also, practical examples are what I would carry forward in my interview. So, helped me in a great way. ”

Anuja Yadav

Student, Christ University 2016-2018
anuja yadav