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Certification in Equity Valuation aims to give the candidate an introduction to the world of Equity Valuation and Financial Model Building. This program aims to equip analysts with the knowledge of evaluating a company using an appropriate valuation method, and the ability to build a financial model to do so. It also gives an insight into key inputs into the valuation process, and various valuation methodologies.

What Will You Learn

  • Building a detailed Valuation Model for 3 companies
  • Understanding on 3 different sectors for valuation
  • Practical Applications of DCF and Relative Valuations
  • Model Building like a sell side analyst
  • Analyzing and interpreting industry drivers


  • You will be able to build a financial model from scratch
  • You will learn different methods of valuation in various sectors
  • The live project and certifications can both be mentioned in resume
  • Recognition across campuses and industry


  • Working understanding of Financial Statements
  • Understanding of Key Financial Concepts such as Present Value, Risk and Reward

About the Instructor

  • Peeyush Chitlangia

    Peeyush Chitlangia

    Peeyush Chitlangia is the founder of FinShiksha. An Alumnus of IIM Calcutta & MNIT Jaipur, Peeyush has been in the financial services industry for the last 19 years & has extensive exposure to Equity Research & Financial Modeling. With more than 200,000 man hours of teaching experience, he has trained nearly 25000 participants across organizations and campuses

Course Content

  • Introduction to Valuation

  • Identifying Macro Themes 1

  • Identifying Macro Themes 2

  • Frameworks

  • Identifying Opportunity Size

  • Other Factors

  • DCF Valuation Introduction

  • DCF Valuation Discount Rates

  • DCF Concepts - Risk Free Rates

  • DCF Concepts - Beta

  • DCF Concepts - Equity Risk Premium

  • Price to Earnings

  • Price to Book


  • Sector Specific Multiples

  • Infosys Valuation - Understanding the company

  • Infosys Valuation - Revenue Drivers

  • Infosys Valuation - Cost Drivers

  • Infosys Valuation - Projecting P&L

  • Infosys Valuation - Balance Sheet Drivers

  • Infosys Valuation - Working Capital Drivers

  • Infosys Valuation - Fully Linked Model

  • Infosys Valuation - DCF Parameters

  • Infosys Valuation - Final Valuation

  • Steel Sector Nuances

  • Valuation Modeling SAIL 1

  • Valuation Modeling SAIL 2


The course will have an online assessment. Certification Tests are available in the Course module for you to attempt any time after you subscribe for the Course. The Test has MCQs to be attempted within a specified time limit.

We try and keep the assessment as close to a real life situation as possible, with concepts being tested and where you will have all the tools that you would have in real life at your disposal.

We allow 2 attempts for every student to take the Test. So if due to any reason, you are not able to clear the Test, you will have one more attempt to take it. Once you attempt the Test, the result will be communicated to you through email within 7 days. Once you clear the Test you will get the Certificate at your registered email id.

In addition, the course also has an optional live project. This will help you apply the concepts learnt into a real world example. You will be asked to build a valuation model for an Indian firm from scratch.



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