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Macroeconomics is one of the most widely used topics in finance, with applications across the length and breadth of the financial services industry. Yet, it remains one of the less understood topics. FinShiksha aims to make it simpler, and more relevant for the Indian markets, such that finance professionals across the industry could benefit from it.

What Will You Learn

  • Major Concepts Around Macroeconomics
  • Interplay of Various Macro Factors across the world
  • Interpreting data released by various agencies
  • Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Trade Statistics of India
  • Linking Macro to real world investing themes


  • You will be able to understand the various macro parameters
  • You will be able to understand linkages between markets and macro
  • The case study and certifications can both be mentioned in resume
  • Recognition across campuses and industry


  • Internet Connection with 1mbps speed

About the Instructor

  • Peeyush Chitlangia

    Peeyush Chitlangia

    Peeyush Chitlangia is the founder of FinShiksha. An Alumnus of IIM Calcutta & MNIT Jaipur, Peeyush has been in the financial services industry for the last 19 years & has extensive exposure to Equity Research & Financial Modeling. With more than 200,000 man hours of teaching experience, he has trained nearly 25000 participants across organizations and campuses

Course Content

  • Why is Macroeconomics Important

  • Sources of Data

  • What is GDP?

  • Real vs Nominal

  • How to calculate GDP

  • The GDP Equation

  • India GDP Data

  • GDP Per Capital - PPP

  • What is Monetary Policy

  • How does Monetary Policy Work

  • Monetary Policy tools - Reserve Ratios

  • Monetary Policy tools - Policy Rates

  • Monetary Policy tools - Open Market Operations

  • Monetary Policy tools - Others

  • India Monetary Policy Updates

  • What is Fiscal Policy

  • Government - Sources of Revenue

  • Government - Expenditure

  • What is Budget

  • India Budget 2023

  • What is Balance of Payments

  • Current and Capital Account

  • Fixed vs Floating Currency

  • Surplus vs Deficit

  • How Devaluation of Currency works

  • India Data

  • PMI

  • Industrial Indicators

  • Lagging and Leading Indicators

  • CPI, WPI and Core CPI

  • Inflation - India and the world

  • Population Demographics of India

  • Unemployment Rate

  • Challenges and Opportunities

  • Summary


This is a Certification Course. On successfully clearing an Online Test, Certification will be awarded.


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