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The Business of Bikaji Foods

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Bikaji Foods

Bikaji Foods operates six manufacturing facilities, with four out of Bikaner (Rajasthan), one in Guwahati (Assam), and one facility in Tumakuru (Bengaluru). In addition, they also have a contract manufacturing agreement with a contract manufacturing unit out of Kolkata (West Bengal).

It is from these manufacturing units that all of Bikaji Foods’ more than 250 products are manufactured and transported across the country and to select international markets.

Bikaji Foods boasts of having a robust distribution chain to bring products to the customers whenever demand crops up. As of 2021, it had five depots, 43 super stockists, 483 direct, and 1,644 indirect distributors that work with super stockists, located across 22 states and three union territories in India.

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Bikaji Foods – Risks

Bikaji Foods – What’s next?

Bikaji Foods

Story Contributors: Sashind Ningthoukhongjam

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