Are FinShiksha courses better than other courses?

November 26, 2020 3:35 pm Published by

Well, our answer would be biased 🙂 However, what we can say is that there are two definite salient features in our courses. Firstly, the application of the learning to a real life scenario using a guided live project. Secondly, one of the key differentiating factors at FinShiksha is that we assume that participants come from differing backgrounds and have different expectations from courses. So while the standard content remains the same, we try and give some exercises/additional videos to participants that help them with weaker areas. So there is a degree of hand-holding even in a self paced online program. And most importantly, the best part about our programs is the final online test. Its open book, and untimed. You can use all resources available to you. By doing this, we are making this as close to real life as possible. Do not know a concept – use a book, use internet, ask a friend, but in doing all this, ensure that you learn a new concept, even as you are attempting the final test. In all, we can vouch for a unique learning experience!

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This post was written by Rahul Desai