The 2018 Championship is closed now
(You can still enrol for the courses outside the competition)

What is the FinShiksha Learning Championship


Internship & career opportunities

12 Prizes worth Rs 280,000

Mentorship around careers in Finance

Live Project with FinShiksha

Year Long access to self paced content

Interview Preparation and Resume Guidance

Courses available at discounted rates in the competition

Preparation for other competitions in campus

Corporate Partners

Companies may evaluate or interview candidates based on their recruitment policy. For details please read the competition updates.

India Ratings

FinShiksha Learning Championship

The FinShiksha Learning Championship Results are out now!

Congratulations to all the winners, who have put in a enormous amount of hard work over the past 2-3 months, and excelled in their courses. Students from more than 50 campuses pan India competed in the program.

Based on the scores in the test and the projects submitted by the participants, below is the list of the top 5 students in each course.


FinShiksha Learning Championship 2018

The FinShiksha Learning Championship 2018 enrollments are closed now. The final results would be declared by end of September 2018.

A national level competition for B-School students, the Championship aims to find participants who can show their skills on financial analysis by applying their learning in real life projects. With Cash Prizes worth Rs 280,000 to aim for, in addition to getting yourself evaluated by companies for their recruitment process, the students have a lot to aim for. Students from the top 100 colleges are competing for the prizes!

More details about the competition can be found in the brochure here – FinShiksha Learning Championship 2018

Companies including one of the top 10 Mutual Fund Houses of India, India Ratings and Research Pvt Ltd, Motilal Oswal, PPFAS Mutual Fund, Carpedium Capital, Zanskar Advisors have agreed to either evaluate or interview the top candidates, for research roles.

Opportunities for First Year Students

India Ratings and Research Pvt Ltd has agreed to interview the winning candidates in FinShiksha Learning Championship 2018 (top 3 in each course) from 1st year / 2nd year for an internship/final placement. This is only an interview opportunity, and the final recruitment decision stands with India Ratings, and may be subject to their recruitment policies.

PPFAS AMC agrees to interview (PPI) the top 3 candidates in each course in the first year, for an internship in their BUY SIDE research team. The decision for final recruitment stands in the hands of PPFAS AMC.

Carpediem Capital  agrees to evaluate the top 3 candidates in each course in the first year, for an internship in their teams. The decision for final recruitment/shortlist stands in the hands of Carpediem Capital.

One of the top 10 Mutual Fund Houses in India has agreed to interview (PPI) the top 3 candidates in each course in the first year, for an internship in their BUY SIDE research team. The decision for final recruitment stands in the hands of the Company.


Opportunities for Second Year Students

Motilal Oswal  agrees to interview the top 5 winning candidates in each course (2nd year) for a role in the prestigious MT Spark (Management Trainee Program) – subject to their recruitment policies.

India Ratings and Research Pvt Ltd has agreed to interview the winning candidates in FinShiksha Learning Championship 2018 (top 3 in each course) from 1st year / 2nd year for an internship/final placement. This is only an interview opportunity, and the final recruitment decision stands with India Ratings, and may be subject to their recruitment policies.

Live Project Opportunities

Zanskar Advisors has agreed to evaluate the profiles of top students for a live project opportunity at their end. The opportunity would be in the Investment Banking Research area.

Prizes worth Rs 280,000 to be won. For each course, there is a total prize money of Rs 70,000.

In addition, following benefits are available to the students.

Everyone who enrols

  • Learns finance the way the industry expects you to know
  • Gets a live project with FinShiksha, helping you apply the concepts
  • Gets a boost in the preparation of some of the other competitions held by Investment Banks and Equity Research Firms across the year
  • Gets resume guidance
  • Gets interview preparation guidance, so as to make you well prepared for companies in your campus
  • Gets access to video content for a period of 2 year
  • FinShiksha will share names of candidates who finish the certification with companies in our network, so just in case they are visiting your campus, they may know about this.

Competition Winner

In addition to all that the enrollees get the following

  • Get access to some of the internship / live project / final placement evaluation opportunities
  • Get cash prizes
  • Get a mock interview with FinShiksha, around your summer internship or final placement interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits do we get when we enrol for this competition?

One of the key benefits is the application of what you learn in the courses in real life situations. If you would like to build a career in finance, and want a deep practical understanding of the subject, but are not sure where to start, this is a good starting point. In addition to the Certification process, and the benefits of learning the course, you also get help in a guided live project, and a mock interview and career counselling session with FinShiksha. Ofcourse there are cash prizes too!

2. Why should I enrol?

More on this here in the benefits section and the video above.

3. Are FinShiksha courses better than other courses?

Well, our answer would be biased 🙂 However, what we can say is that there are two definite salient features in our courses. Firstly, the application of the learning to a real life scenario using a guided live project. Secondly, one of the key differentiating factors at FinShiksha is that we assume that participants come from differing backgrounds and have different expectations from courses. So while the standard content remains the same, we try and give some exercises/additional videos to participants that help them with weaker areas. So there is a degree of hand-holding even in a self paced online program. And most importantly, the best part about our programs is the final online test. Its open book, and untimed. You can use all resources available to you. By doing this, we are making this as close to real life as possible. Do not know a concept – use a book, use internet, ask a friend, but in doing all this, ensure that you learn a new concept, even as you are attempting the final test. In all, we can vouch for a unique learning experience!

4. Can i enrol for more than one course?

Yes, of course. There is no limit to learning. However, should you really do well in both those, and get Certified in both those, you still get win a prize in only one course at max. However, your learning increases, so your chances may improve for sure.

5. Can I take part in the competition without enroling for a course?

Well, we are sorry but that cannot happen. Ideally, we are looking at someone who want to learn the analysis part and apply it in the project. The Learning is the primary reason, and the competition itself is a by-product of the learning. Hence it is primarily for those who would want to learn and apply. If you already know the stuff, no real reason for you to prove it

6. What is the broad process of championship?

– The candidate enrols for one or more programs of FinShiksha – above. There are two courses for First Year students and two courses for Second Year students.

– Upon Enrolment, you get access to the program content – which is video based

– Candidate must go through all the videos and appear for the final certification test.

– Final online test occurs in 2 batches, Batch 1 in end of August and Batch 2 in Mid of September. You can choose any batch to give the test.

– The final online test is open book. That means you can choose any material at your disposal to answer the test. The test is going to be completely practical in nature.

– Clearing the test (Scoring more than 65%) gives you the Certification.

– Once you clear the final test, you submit a live project as specified in the program outline. This can be mentioned in resume too. Separate email can be provided by us for the same.

– Combined score of the test (70% weightage) and the Live Project (30% weightage) decide the final winners’ list.

– Top 3 candidates for each course (total 12) are selected as winners – based on the combined score of the Project and the Certification.

– Hurray – The winners get the prizes, and everyone is a master of at least one area in financial analysis!!

– First Year winners will get a chance to appear for Live Projects as well as Summer Placement Interview. Final Year winners will get a chance to appear for Live Projects as well as Final Placement Interview.

P.S. – If you do not get certified in the competition – do not lose heart. You get another shot at Certification 2 months post your attempt for the final test – Free of charge. However, you will not proceed further in the competition.

7. Is this a team event or individual event?

This is an individual event. But students from same college do collaborate while analysing a company during live project. This enhances learning as one students is exposed to multiple sector and the team can use the same analysis in college projects or other outside competitions as well.

Just to give you a perspective, last year students who pursued some of our courses and completed the Live project won competitions like HOLT Valuation Challenge, HSBC Investment Banking Challenge, Finalist in MOSL QGLP Challenge, CFA Research Challenge.

8.Can you participate in competition via other listed courses?

No. Because the companies which will recruit from us will require the skillset of Analysis and Modelling. Hence curated courses are part of Championship.

That doesn’t stop you from learning other topics. You could choose any topic, pursue it and we will provide the same support as we will provide to championship participants.

9. What will the fees for the championship courses?

During competition, each course will be priced at Rs. 4900/- (incl of all taxes). During the competition, there is no additional cost for the project, which otherwise would cost Rs 1500 extra.

If you take two courses, then combo price will be Rs. 7900/- .

10. Will this course be good in terms of exposure?

Again, we are going to have a biased answer. Just to cut short here, you could go through some of our blogs  and YouTube channel videos.

If you think the above two things did add any value then course will definitely add value.

General Programs Related Terms and Conditions

  • The program registration is non transferable
  • The program registration is non refundable
  • Any technology issues have to be brought to our notice within the first 2 days of registration for the courses. Beyond that, any queries will only be entertained on a best effort basis
  • The program content is a copyright of FinShiksha. Any unauthorized sharing or using of the content without prior permission from FinShiksha makes the perpetrator liable for legal action
  • We do not provide any jobs. FinShiksha is a pure play education firm. Neither do we claim any help with recruitments, nor is that an aim

Competition Specific Terms and Conditions

  • Result will be final once published by FinShiksha. The decision of FinShiksha would be final with respect to the results, both in the Certification process and the Project
  • Content of Program can’t be published elsewhere . Any such reproduction of content would be an infringement of copyrights of FinShiksha, and is liable for legal action.
  • Only MBA Students can take part in the competition. One year PGDM/MBA Students are allowed to take part
  • Participants who have taken our course this year starting from April 2018 would be eligible to take part.
  • Participants who have enrolled for our courses last year can also take part. They have to write the test and submit the project again though
  • Participants who have won the contest last year cannot compete for the prize this year in the same year cate
  • Final test would be online, exam would be open book and needs to be completed in the suggested period.
  • Participant would be allowed to take exam only once during contest. For re-appearing for a certification, he/she may appear for exam post our competition.
  • Participant can enrol for more than one program.
  • At the time of enrolment, participant must submit photo ID proof with College ID.
  • Test would be consists of open ended questions as well.
  • For certification, student must score at least 65%.
  • Final score would be a mix of test score (70%) and project score (30%)
  • If two students have same marks then – his/her project score would be taken into consideration for ranking. If all scores are equal then both participants would be awarded with the same rank.
  • In case of more than one participant for the same position in Top 3, the cash prize will be equally divided among them. For example, if in case there are two participants tied for first rank, then each of them will get INR 30,000 i.e. There will be no second position in that case. And cash prize of First and Second position is distributed equally.
  • A participant can only win 1 prize during the contest. So he/she may have to make a choice at the time of final submission on what course to compete in, in case he/she has enrolled for both the courses.
  • Payment have to be made online. Once payment is made then under no circumstances it can be reversed.
  • FinShiksha reserves the right to change/cancel the date of certification, in case of any unforeseen events.
  • Any disputes arising will have to handled in the Mumbai jurisdiction

Career Opportunities Related Terms and Conditions

  • For any interview opportunities – before taking up the opportunity, the candidate needs to connect FinShiksha to his/her placement cell.
  • Students appearing for any such opportunity need to send their college id card copy or any document stating their year of study
  • The candidates would also have to send us their updated resumes
  • The candidates reaching this stage would be given a date and time for the interview, and they would have to make themselves available for the same. Rescheduling the Interview is not possible.
  • If the candidates get a final or internship offer from any company post the process, and they accept it, they will have to opt out of their placement process. The acceptance will have to be time bound, and the time for this is at the sole discretion of the recruiting company. This will have to be done by sending an email to their placement cell with a CC to [email protected]
  • If the candidate already has an internship offer, they will have to divulge this to FinShiksha before the PPI. Also, if they get an internship offer from another company through the competition, and they accept this, they will have to reject the earlier offer. This will have to be done by sending an email to the earlier company with a CC to [email protected]
  • For any kind of opportunities, FinShiksha does not give a guarantee of any job offers. We are solely creating an opportunity, and the final selection is completely the discretion of the company providing the interviews. FinShiksha will not intervene in the selection process. 
  • In the case of any kind of misrepresentation of information by the candidates, FinShiksha reserves the right to disqualify the candidate.
  • For all other opportunuties, FinShiksha is just going to forward the resumes of the top 30 candidates to the firms interested. It is solely the discretion of those firms to go ahead with any candidate in any process.
  • In case of live projects and mentorships, FinShiksha will be closely working with the candidate. The candidate needs to give an undertaking that he/she would be completing the live project, without which the candidate will not get this opportunity. Kindly note that the company offering a live project to top candidates is devoting its time and effort in the process, and would expect complete commitment from the student as well. Any failure on this part would be reported to the college placement cell and administration.
  • In any other points not mentioned above, FinShiksha’s decision would be final and binding on the candidate.

Last year students from 50+ colleges participated. This includes the likes of all IIMs, IITs, NITs, IIFT, XLRI, MDI, NMIMS, SIBM, XIMB, GIM, IITs, FORE, BIM, IFMR etc. (list is not exhaustive and not in any order)

Opportunities were given to students in the role of Investment Banking, Equity Research (Buy Side/Sell Side), Asset Research, and Strategic Advisory.

Companies like Tata Industries, Motilal Oswal, PPFAS Mutual Fund, Zanskaar Advisors, Carpedium Capital interviewed our candidates.

Following were the top 10 candidates in each course last year