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2 Days Workshop. 2 Hrs sessions each Day.
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  • Different Sector classifications
  • Core frameworks of Industry analysis
  • Industry Structure Evaluation
  • Data sources for sector evaluation
  • Checklist for evaluating any kind of sector
  • Key questions you need to ask while evaluating a sector
  • Life Insurance Sector Analysis
  • Steel Sector Analysis


Industry Analysis

One of the core skills required in areas such as Equity Research, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Consulting, Strategy is Industry Analysis. Yet, very few curriculums teach this in a conceptual way so as to develop a framework and process around doing industry research. We solve this problem through this workshop. Over a span of 4 hours, we will explore how sectors get classified, how we can use frameworks such as Porter’s 5 forces in a practical manner, where can we find data on the sector and industry, and how industry structure can have a big say in analysis of the companies.

Session Plan

Day 1 – Saturday evening - 2 hours

- Classification of Sectors
- Sources for industry data
- Sector Analysis Frameworks – Porter’s 5 forces, PESTL, Other frameworks – with practical insights.
- Identifying Industry Structure
- Identifying industry size, and key drivers for the industry growth
- Short Assignment

Day 2 – Sunday morning - 2 hours

- Assignment Discussion
- Application of Concepts on real industries
- Life Insurance Industry and its growth prospects in India
- Steel Industry – The perils of Cyclical industry analysis

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Materials For Participants

  • Short Checklist document for sector analysis
  • Excel files used in the session
  • Access to the Recordings for One year

Steps to participate

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