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In this Webinar, the speaker has discussed the following.

  • Understanding the Retail Sector and entire value chain
  • Discussion with respect to Categories, Revenue Drivers, Capex, Working Capital
  • Crucial Metrics for small players VMart and other unlisted players and comparison with bigger players
  • Assess the impact on various business parameters due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Model inputs and valuation, Funding / Investment methods


Current Market of India's Retail Industry is close to USD 1 Trillion (75 Lakh Crore). However, most of the Retail happens through the unorganised channel. Within this segment, some players have realized the potential of Organized Value Retail in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns. Some of the prominent names include VMart, V2 Retail, 1-India Family Mart etc.

At one end we have bigger players like Shoppers Stop who have a strong presence in High-end Retail, and have a strong presence in Tier 1 Cities primarily, on the other end we have niche players focused on Value Retail Format. This particular session will focus on the latter - and how PE/VC funds look at this segment. What are key parameters they evaluate while looking at the sector and companies.

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