Rs. 1900
Rs. 1400


2 Days Workshop. 11th and 12th Dec. 2 Hrs 15mins sessions each Day.
(Not a part of Webinar Plan)

  • The impact of Fintech and how it's changing the business landscape
  • Understanding Payment Tech business model
  • Explanation on market entry, demographic issues and regulatory hurdles
  • Case study on Payment Tech
  • Fintech and adjacent markets
  • Why lending is lucrative?
  • Understand lending products credit cards, BNPL, P2P lending, their business models
  • Differences between lending tech and traditional credit market
  • Case study on Lending Tech


Over the last few years, FinTech as a segment has been in the limelight. It is seen as an enabler, and in some cases, a disruptor when it comes to providing certain services to clients. India is seen as one of the largest markets of Financial Services. With the rise of Internet Penetration, Awareness and the 70 Cr.+ young population, the opportunity is immense. And to be honest, every company wants a piece of this market, be it Paytm, Groww or Lendingkart.

With this premise in mind, FinShiksha provides an opportunity to learners to attend the workshop conducted by the Industry Expert and get a first-hand view of the Industry. This will be a live workshop spread over two days where participants can interact and learn from the Expert. Do register.

11th Dec 2021, from 3 to 5:15 PM
12th Dec 2021, from 11 to 1:15 PM

Pricing: Rs. 1400 (for first 50), Rs. 1900 (after 50) (inclusive of all taxes)

Content Brief:

Day 1
1. The impact of Fintech and how it's changing the business landscape
2. Understanding payment tech business model
3. Explanation on market entry, demographic issues and regulatory hurdles
4. Case study on payment tech

Day 2
1. Fintech and adjacent markets
2. Why lending is lucrative?
3. Understand lending products, like credit cards, BNPL, P2P lending, with their business model
4. Differences between lending tech and traditional credit market
5. Case study on lending tech

Materials For Participants

  • Excel files will be shared
  • Workshop recording will be provided for a period of 3 months

Steps to participate

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