FinShiksha works closely with corporates in analysing and developing their training. Right from need gap analytics for what kind of training is needed, to the designing and delivery of customized training, FinShiksha acts as the one stop shop for the education needs of any corporate.

Financial Services Firms

We run customized training modules, with live cases /workshops so as to enable to participants get a learning environment as close as possible to their real life business scenarios. Our primary areas of training include but are not limited to Capital Markets, Derivatives, Excel for Financial Services and Wealth Management. We also develop content based on specific requirements of corporates. Some of our training work is listed in the form of case-studies on this page. To get in touch with us, please connect with us at peeyush[at]finshiksha[dot]com

Non-Financial Firms

Every manager needs to be financial savvy in order to succeed and build a long term career in any industry. Companies who look at grooming managers in house should have a keen focus on equipping managers with Financial know-how, such that they can get an understanding of the financial implication of their decision making. We also work with non-finance firms, and help their senior and middle management with concepts on finance and its implications in business decision making. We run a simulation game here, which is customized based on the client’s requirements.  To get in touch with us, please connect with us at peeyush[at]finshiksha[dot]com

Some of our major programs in the past include

Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation for Management Trainees at  one of India’s leading Financial Services Firm
Specialized workshops for Management Trainees, in the areas of Institutional Equities, Investment Banking and Private equity, on topics such as Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation

Equity Markets and Valuation Training for Advisors at one of India’s leading Financial Services Firm
Specialized workshops conducted on the area of Equity Markets and Valuations for Advisors, enabling them with a better understanding on the market reports and helping their interactions with clients become more data and fact oriented.

Derivatives workshop for Advisors at  one of India’s leading Financial Services Firm
This is a specialized workshop, and involved the teams learning about major derivative strategies, and more importantly, risk management and improvement on derivative strategies. This program involved a game, where teams were asked to put on dummy trades, and this was tracked over a period, thereby learning the skills while applying them.

Macroeconomics, Industry Analysis, Fund Management Concepts for Sales teams at  one of India’s leading AMC
We have conducted specialized workshops on Fund Management Concepts and Macro data along with Sectoral Analysis for leading Asset Management Companies across locations in India.

FinShiksha candidates are well equipped to work across experience levels and roles in the capital markets domain. Some of the key areas where you could look to hire from us are Financial Analysis, Equity Research, Financial Modeling and Wealth Management. We are no recruitment consultants, and hence do not charge for these services. This is just an endeavor to connect good qualified candidates with firms. Please get in touch with us at for any such hiring needs in your organization.