Registration Closing soon – Next Batch of Analyst Program Details

Registration Closing soon – Next Batch of Analyst Program Details


The roadmap for a Career in Finance + Analyst Program next batch announcement


Hope this finds you well.

First up, a quick announcement!

The next batch of FinShiksha Analyst Program starts in the coming week.

We looked at what all is needed to become equipped for a role as an Equity Analyst.

And found that while there are many courses that teach the concepts very well, few link all the major concepts together in a practical manner.

We decided to create a program that links all this together!

Key program features

– 8 Live Sessions on weekends – to cover concepts, cases and queries
– A communication group where all the participants would interact
– Study videos for conceptual understanding
– Build Weekend – Build valuation model over a weekend, with guidance from mentors
– Continuous Mentorship by FinShiksha Experts
– Module level Assessments
– Practical Application – Case Studies and Projects
– Interaction with Industry Experts

Last few days to apply. Apply here

Roadmap to Finance Careers

Are you someone who is joining an MBA this year, and are planning for a career in finance?

Finance appears as a difficult subject for non-finance students.

Especially because MBA is a fast paced course, and students get overwhelmed with it if they do not have a background.

So what can be done?

– Understand that Finance is not just accounting. Most career options in Finance post an MBA require Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis Concepts. Accounting prowess may not be a prequisite.

– Financial statements are a representation of a business and its health. Understand the business, and you will unravel the financial statements

– Focus on picking up one sector, and one company, and read up on it.

– Pick its annual report, go through the numbers. Write down all your doubts. Look for those specific questions. Ask your friends, look over internet. You will find some explanation for 90% of the questions, because someone would have faced the same challenge before you.

– Start using Excel. It is really helpful. Practice.

– Pick up some good finance books and read. Gives you a good perspective. Had written earlier about 25 top books for finance.

– Do some courses on basics of financial statements. A lot of free material is available. We also have a couple of them – visit my profile for those details

– Remember, Finance is an extension of Maths. And Logic. If you can understand a business, you should be able to decode the finance around it. So focus on understanding the business. Everything else will follow.

– Final point, but most important. Do not decide against a career in Finance till you have gone through atleast 3 finance courses in your MBA. Most of the important courses in finance come in the second year. Keep an open mind.

That’s it from us in this post. Keep learning!