Registration Closing soon – Next Batch of Analyst Program Details

Registration Closing soon – Next Batch of Analyst Program Details


How to make the most of your Internship

An interesting month has just gone by!

We had a few bank failures, large ones – SVB, Credit Suisse, Silvergate.

US Fed raised rates to 5%

India passed the Finance Bill 2023, that changed taxation across a few products (Debt Mutual Funds)

Interesting month, but what lies ahead for financial markets?

We would like to believe, that a massive amount of bad news has been absorbed by the markets. Unlikely that the Banking crisis will snowball into a large crisis like 2008.

We also believe that interest rates are likely peaking, and we are at the end of the tightening cycle.

Ideas to make your Internship stand out

Many of our readers are starting out their internships soon. Internships could be a key to successful careers in Finance.

Here are 7 Ideas to make your internship stand out!

1) Plan
– Before you start, list down what you intend to achieve from the internship
– Plan your learning path

2) Approach the internship with a growth mindset
– Learn about industry, company, and role
– Seek feedback and ask questions

3) Master your domain
– Try to learn as much as you can about the role you are working in
– Understand how this team helps the overall business
– How can you contribute?
– The firm should feel that you are ready to work on Day 1 if selected for a full-time employment

4) Develop core skills
– Master Excel and Powerpoint
– Improve communication/networking skills
– Learn financial analysis
– Network and seek mentorship from seniors and peers

5) Take initiative
– Most Internships tend to be unstructured.
– Do not get worried. Learn from it. Adapt!
– Take on additional responsibilities and show that you are different from others

6) Seek out different projects
– If given a choice, try to opt for projects in different departments or areas of the company
– Try to gain exposure to different aspects of #finance

7) Regularly Review your work
– Keep a record of the projects you worked on and the skills you developed
– This will help you update your resume and prepare for job interviews
– A good practice is to keep weekly notes on what you did

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That’s it from us this month. Till next month – Keep Learning.