How to improve your financial analysis skills in 120 hours?

Want to vastly improve your financial analysis and valuation skills?

3 steps to do this in 120 hours over 6 months!

Step 1

Starting with reading one Annual Report per week.

Read the major parts – Letter to shareholders, MD&A, Financial Statements, and notes to accounts wherever financial statements need some more research.

Spend 1 hour per week = 26-30 hours over 6 months

Step 2

Pick 6 companies from different sectors – (one per month)

Read Investor Presentations, Con-call transcripts and multiple year annual reports for these 6 companies

Spend 5 hours per company = 30 hours

Step 3

Build 1 valuation model per month on Excel – for the above 6 companies.

About 10 hours per company = 60 hours

Give a total of 120 hours, over 6 months, and see the results.

Consistency and practice builds prowess.


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