S. No.Event NameDateTimeRegisterWho can attendPrice
13Webinar - Budget Expectations 201925 Jan5:30 - 6:30 PMRegisterAnyoneFree
12Live Interaction - Careers in IB, Research, Credit Analysis, Forensics and Understanding on Media Sector20 Jan2 - 5 PMRegisterAnyoneFree
11Live Interaction - IIT Delhi on Equity Valuation and Stock Picking18 Jan 193 - 5 PMRegisterIIT Delhi StudentsFree
10Live Interaction - Careers in IB, Research and Banking and NBFC Sector Updates8 Dec 182 - 5 PMCompletedAnyoneFree
9Webinar - Analysis of India's NBFC Industry and Current Developments25 Nov10 - 11 AMCompletedStudents enrolled with FinShiksha ProgramsFree
8Workshop Mumbai - The Art of Stock Picking and Long Term Investing17,18 Nov10 - 6 PMCompletedAnyone7500
7Webinar - Analysis of India's Airline Industry15 Nov5 - 6 PMCompletedAnyoneFree
6Workshop - Equity Valuation and M&A Modelling - Mumbai6,7 Oct10 - 6 PMCompletedAnyone8900/6900
5Webinar - Banking Sector Analysis & Recent Developments25 Aug6:30-7:30 pmCompletedAnyoneFree
4Webinar - Credit Analysis of Infrastructure Segment22 Aug6:30-7:30 pmCompletedStudents enrolled with FinShiksha ProgramsFree
3Webinar - Financial Statement Analysis - Tata Motors21 Aug6:30-7:30 pmCompletedStudents enrolled with FinShiksha ProgramsFree
2Webinar - India's Macro Environment & RBI Policy Review11 Aug7-8 pmCompletedStudents enrolled with FinShiksha ProgramsFree
1Webinar- Career in Finance19 Jul 187-8 pmCompletedAnyoneFree